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Running Everyday in 2023 Part 1

So this story started when my partner (Joost Van Pelt, Founder of Wrkshop) said in December 2022 "I'm going to run every day next year" and I replied "sure I'll do that too".

I was feeling inspired, we were both planning on becoming sober and wanted to enter the year with bigger goals than ever across all areas of our lives.

What proceeded was me running every day in January (when I had already been running consecutive days since 21st December for the Wrkshop Running end of year charity fundraiser). I was coming in strong after what had honestly not been the most active few years prior (compared to what my usual dreamy physical adventures).

Yet as I neared the end of January my body was starting to tell me it had other plans. At that point I'd entered the Rotterdam marathon, and a multi day ultra running event in September. I was realising that whilst I was deeply in for this big year ahead, every day running was not for me.

So I bowed my head (most likely cried a little bit or alot, I can't quite recall); and left this daily running to the lovely Joosty.

So here comes the actual story that this article is about. It's about Joosty, and what it looks like to be witnessing him from the most intimate of positions as we round into the year.

An example of the weird and wonderful situations is that right now as I write this article, I'm sat on the top deck of a London bus at 18.20 in my running gear, and a rucksack on my back with Joosty's gear to meet him in Oxford street and run back to east London via the bug sights after a day of work. Embracing the adventure and flexibility that comes with this challenge- we had a slow morning so why not spend the evening sightseeing and treading the pavement at the same time.

And that's exactly it. What comes with this journey is adventure. I think today is around day 74...don't quote me.....but thats still a way to go for the full year!

I've witnessed Joosty come rain or shine get out of the door. A minimum of 5km a day to call it a run, and he is averaging around 15km a day, with his most recent achievement being the CPC Half Marathon, claiming a Personal Best st 1hr 24 minutes.

He also began with a running coach this year. Neils Elsmijer from MYB coaching. Because if you know Joosty at all, you'll know running every day is just a small part of the challenge. He will also be running Rotterdam marathon coming back to his sub 3 hour form, and going for a Personal Best in Valencia in December.

And of course like me, he has also entered the multi day Ultra event in September. It'a call The Dragons Back, and is 380km and 20k ascent across 6 back to back days. And can you even imagine Joosty will be running the day before and the day after (You'll find me in. aspa relaxing in Cardiff City somewhere)!

So that's the little update for now. Let's call it part one. It's set to be a thrilling year.

To follow along with Joosty's journey stay tuned on @wrkshop.collective. Or even better come and join Wrkshop Running for our weekly runs , Wednesday or Friday 7am and you can ask him yourself!

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