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In a world where consumption continues to be at an all time high, and we are struggling to find the balance in buying things that truly bring us joy and will add value sustainably to our own and our families lives, here at Wrkshop we decided to launch a rental program with our YETI range to support you to either skip the purchase all together to, save space and money without missing out on the product itself. Or to try before you buy and like us get to have the best camping set up, with amazing performance to keep you cool and calm for your holidays, beach visits or to host an event.

And best of all if you decide to purchase a cooler from the Yeti range we stock within 14 days of returning your rental then we will take 20% of the total rental cost (50% for members) as credit to purchase your new Yeti cooler  (only applies to full priced product and cannot be redeemed inline with any other promotion). 

Our rental range includes the Tundra Hard coolers from 12-65 litres, a 45ltr with wheels. And the soft Hopper 12 litre option perfect for your bike.  All prices include ice packs. 

Small Hard and Soft Coolers (12 - 24 litre)
10 euro per day
50 euro per week

Medium Coolers (35-45 litre without wheels)
15 euros per day

75 euro per week

Large Coolers (65 litre + 45litre with wheels)
20 per day
100 euro per week

Please check the Yeti website for the models and then come in store for availability and reservation.   

10% reduction for 2 week or more rentals on all sizes.

Terms and Conditions:
ID photo taken for rental
Coolers must be returned cleaned and back to their original state.
Photos of any damage taken prior to rental, and you are liable for any damage to the cooler up to the retail cost of the item. 


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